Hey there.

I'm Nick DiRienzo (pronounced DEE-ree-EN-zoh). I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Optimizely, where I build core services that power our products. I co-presented at PyBay 2017 on how we used asyncio to make our public API gateway more performant.

Lately, I've been volunteering my free time to the Python community by organizing SF Python meetups and PyBay. I also spend some of my time bridging the gap between tech and mental health by helping with HackMentalHealth events. Every so often, you can find me at UBay events, connecting the University at Buffalo's Bay Area alumni.

When I'm not doing either of those things, I enjoy adventuring (traveling or just wandering around San Francisco), reading, attempting to take decent photos, experiencing live music, and learning to appreciate art at SFMOMA.

Before joining Optimizely full-time, I studied computer science at the University at Buffalo. During my undergrad, I started UB Hacking to bring student hackers together while on the board of UB ACM. When I wasn't spending my time on those things (or classes), I was going to hackathons and researching mobile systems with Geoffrey Challen.

Feel free to say hi or ask me questions via email or on Twitter.